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First posts are always awkward, so how about a few questions and answers to make things easier?

  1. http://thisreadinglife | profile pictureWhat is the point of this blog?

In all honesty, I’ve started this blog as a place to record my thoughts on the books I’ve read, to enthuse about books in general and to maybe make some bookish friends. Although most of my friends in real life like to read the odd book occasionally, they’re not what I would call bookish. Those who know about my obsession with books probably think it’s a bit odd and pointless.

Many book bloggers and booktubers I’ve come across are under the age of 30 – most are a lot younger. I love it when I discover the odd 40+er, but we are pretty few and far between, so I decided to add my voice to the choir (not literally, I’m a terrible singer and totally tone deaf – ask my hubby!) and boost the numbers for the over the hill book club! I’ll be posting twice a week, with book reviews, recent acquisitions, discussion posts, recommendations, occasional non-bookish posts and general enthusiasm!

  1. | just read the optician of lampedusaWhat was the last book you read?

I have just finished reading The Optician of Lampedusa by Emma-Jane Kirby, which I awarded a very rare shiny 5 stars! A very powerful little book focusing on the life of an ordinary man who comes across hundreds of shipwrecked refugees. I will be posting a full review of this book in the weeks to come.

  1. How often do you read?

I must admit, I read sporadically. Sometimes I will read 6 or so books a month for a few months, and then I’ll hit a slump or get distracted by a TV series and not pick up a book for weeks. When I’m not in a ‘non-reading’ phase, I will read every day, for as long as I can. I’m about to start a new full-time job (increasing my hours form 24 to 37.5 hours a week)which might affect my reading time, but I think it could also have the opposite effect. I plan to read in my lunch break, and with less time to fanny about and procrastinate I might actually focus more and end up reading more. That’s the plan, anyway!

  1. What if you’re not enjoying a book?

There are too many books in this world to waste time on one you’re not enjoying. I’m a firm believer in not finishing a book if you’re not feeling. Generally, I will give a book two or three goes before getting rid of it, but occasionally I will come across one that I know is just not for me from the outset and I won’t bother trying it again. I’ll usually give a book 50 pages or so to grab me.

  1. Physical or e-book or audio?

I have a Kindle, but I don’t use it as much as I should (ok, I hardly ever read a book on my Kindle. Can’t remember the last time I picked it up.) I have tried audio books but I tend to get distracted and tune out too easily, so I am firmly in the physical book camp!

  1. Paperback or hardback?

Paperback. Easier to hold, easier to store, cheaper. I won’t say no to hardback though!

  1. Used or new?

Either! I love a battered (but clean!) paperback from a charity shop, but I equally love a brand new, unsullied, pristine book too!

  1. Fave genre?

I really don’t have a favourite genre – I’m not too fussy and will give just about anything a try! I do always come back to crime/psychological thrillers, and I have a weakness for flawed detectives. My most read genres are probably crime, literary fiction and non-fiction (particularly mental health/physical health/science-y non-fiction)

  1. One you avoid?

I don’t really avoid any genre, though I tend to generally steer clear of angtsy YA (been there, done that, don’t particularly want to relive it, thanks!). I would love to love magical realism more than I do – sometimes I just don’t get it!

  1. Where do you do most of your reading?

In my reclining armchair. I’m not a bath-lingerer (much prefer a quick, functional shower!) and if I read in bed I fall asleep in about 10 minutes! Sometimes I do go through phases of reading a short story in bed.

  1. Do you keep books you’ve read?

There’s not much space in our house for book storage (well, I do have my eye on a wall in the dining area, but hubby won’t let take it over!), so I tend to get rid of books I’ve read, unless I absolutely love them. There will be an upcoming blog post on the books that make it to my favourites shelf!

  1. What’s on your TBR? | bookshelves

The space I do have is taken up with books I haven’t read. I feel no guilt about hoarding books I haven’t read. I love to be able to peruse my shelves like a library. I have around 600 unread books – two bookcases in the bedroom which are overflowing and double stacked, a nightstand stuffed with books, one shelf of non-fiction downstairs, and two shelves of classics downstairs.   These are all books I’ve collected over many years and I know I won’t ever read them all, especially as I can’t help but add to them, but reading is my hobby, and I spend less on books each year than the hubby spends on his football season ticket, so there! 🙂

  1. Is there a book everyone else in the world liked, but you didn’t?

Yes there is! Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Despicable human beings about whom I did not care an iota. Hated the book, thought the film might be better but that was a big pile of shittypants too!

  1. Book or film?

Book! Every time!

  1. Series or standalone?

I tend to get bored with a series before the end, though I do love the idea of them. The exception to this rule is, of course, the Harry Potter series. The first book was published the year my eldest was born, so I read them all as an adult, but enjoyed them all no less for this!

  1. Cover judger?

Generally, yes. If it’s pretty I’ll take a closer look.  If it’s beautiful I might just buy it regardless!

  1. Fast or slow reader?

Medium paced I think! In a reading phase it usually takes me about 3-4 days to read an average 300ish page book.

  1. Short or long?

When I was younger I would not buy a book under 200 pages because I didn’t think it was good value for money! Nowadays, it depends on my mood. I do like to sink my teeth into a juicy big book, but sometimes I’ll get a bit antsy and want to get through books more quickly by choosing shorter ones. Totally depends on my mood.

  1. Which book would you like to live in?

It has to be a Harry Potter book. I’m not sure which one in particular, maybe the Philosopher’s Stone, before things get too dark (I ain’t no action hero!)

  1. Hobbies other than reading?

When I’m not reading, I tend to binge watch TV programmes (currently on a Grey’s Anatomy spree) or films. I also like to crochet (so middle aged of me!) and cook. I’m not the outdoorsy type though do enjoy a nice walk in a park every now and then!

So hopefully you now know me a little better! If you would like to answer these questions too, please feel free to nab them and post your answers on your blog or wherever you fancy – leave me a link in the comments and I’ll come and read all about you! And if you have a burning question for me, let me know in the comments too!


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