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Review: Trio by Sue Gee

Trio by Sue Gee

Published by Salt, 2016

Northumberland: the winter of 1937. In a remote moorland cottage, Steven Coulter, a young history teacher, is filled with sadness and longing at the death of his wife. Through a charismatic colleague, Frank Embleton, and Frank’s sister, Diana, he is drawn into the beguiling world of a group of musicians, and falls gradually under their spell. But as war approaches a decision is made which calls all their lives quite shockingly into question. Moving between the beauty and isolation of the moors, a hill-town school and a graceful old country house, Trio delicately explores conscience and idealism, romantic love and most painful desire. Throughout it all, the power of music to disturb, uplift and affirm is unforgettably evoked.

Trio by Sue Gee was the first book I read in 2017.  Set during the World War 2, this lyrical novel evokes a wonderful sense of time and place.  The descriptions of the countryside really create a vivid picture, sympathetic to the themes of war, death and grief that are so eloquently dealt with.  But this is not a cheesy, overwrought, dramatic book but rather a quietly emotional read with an uplifting thread of music running throughout.   There is not a lot of action … it’s a slow burner of a book with a simple plot wherein the characters and setting taking centre stage, written so sensitively and empathetically.  I really enjoyed this and gave it 4 stars.

This was one of the books in the first Mothbox subscription box, a sign of good things to come I hope!

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